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10:16pm 08/07/2009
The jabberwocky
"...as it is"

- Kwong, Jakusho. No Beginning. No End.: The Ultimate Heart of Zen. Peter Levitt, ed, New York: Harmony Books, 2003, p.114.

It's been a hard couple weeks for many of us. To everyone:

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Joanna Black  
10:09pm 08/07/2009
The jabberwocky
I find my mind a very exciting place to be.
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Cars in this city  
11:47pm 13/02/2009
The jabberwocky
In the span of 45 minutes today, in the pouring rain have you, I saw two people drive down the wrong side of the street, uncountable amounts of cars run red lights, a general disregard for traffic laws or safety...I almost got hit walking across a street with a stop sign as the "stopper" stopped her car some 4 feet passed the line. Turning left illegally...blocking traffic on a major street like Wilshire Blvd...why do LA drivers think this is acceptable behavior?

Oh, and there is THIS
mood: awakeawake
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(no subject)  
11:46am 09/12/2008
The jabberwocky
Welcome to dead week
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Some Juice  
06:13pm 06/11/2008
The jabberwocky
I found this really great article called "Sorry Bloggers - The Internet is BAD for Kids' Brains" (Oct 31, 2008). Not only is it extremely interesting and relevant, it cites our beloved Marshall McLuhan, media theorist and author of "Understanding Media: Extensions of Man" (1964). Basically, the article claims that the internet is shaping the way we learn, process, and understand information, touching upon cyberlearning and the impact of the internet on education. I'm not sure if I agree or disagree - more research would have to be conducted - but it certainly brought to my attention the potential impacts of living in an internet saturated society. Enjoy!

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what can we do?  
01:34pm 16/10/2008
The jabberwocky
at their best, there is gentleness in Humanity.
some understanding and, at times, acts of
but all in all it is a mass, a glob that doesn't
have too much.
it is like a large animal deep in sleep and
almost nothing can awaken it.
when activated it's best at brutality,
selfishness, unjust judgments, murder.

what can we do with it, this Humanity?


avoid the thing as much as possible.
treat it as you would anything poisonous, vicious
and mindless.
but be careful. it has enacted laws to protect
itself from you.
it can kill you without cause.
and to escape it you must be subtle.
few escape.

it's up to you to figure a plan.

I have met nobody who has escaped.

I have met some of the great and
famous but they have not escaped
for they are only great and famous within

I have not escaped
but I have not failed in trying again and

before my death I hope to obtain my

Charles Bukowski, from blank gun silencer - 1994
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Keeping up with the Jones'  
10:11pm 02/10/2008
The jabberwocky
For Class:

"I'm pleased to see a "Presidential Campaign" section to comment on, because it's something that I'm thinking a lot about even as I read the various IS articles. This week, Borgman's piece titled "The Premise and Promise of a Global Information Infrastructure" espcially challenged me to think about the future of politics in America.

I’m sure we’ve all heard or read about McCain’s alleged comments on how he is computer illiterate and does not use email. Obama, on the other hand, has attempted to reach voters through text messaging, Twitter, and other interactive, electronic resources (so one can assume Obama is computer literate). With that in mind, coming across Borgman’s point that “it is reasonable to speak of a new world emerging,” one that emphasizes global networking technologies like computers and Internet, I wonder: does McCain recognize this “Information Society” that’s developing in major parts of the world right now, or is he simply too out of touch to understand? If the latter is true, would it be better for voters to go with Obama, a candidate who has shown he can “change” with the times and promote popular and emerging modes of networking (not to mention actually USE a computer) ? Is Obama’s vision for this country closer to reaching “an information society that benefits all,” or is it unfair to associate McCain’s lack of computer skills with potentially poor presidential leadership?"
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(no subject)  
09:05am 24/09/2008
The jabberwocky
Time to go to school. All day orientation promises to be awkward. My charm comes out mid day.
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06:26pm 21/08/2008
The jabberwocky
Cows In Art Class

good weather
is like
good women-
it doesn't always happen
and when it does
it doesn't
always last.
man is
more stable:
if he's bad
there's more chance
he'll stay that way,
or if he's good
he might hang
but a woman
is changed
the moon
the absence or
presence of sun
or good times.
a woman must be nursed
into subsistence
by love
where a man can become
by being hated.
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12:16pm 21/08/2008
The jabberwocky
"...anything I could think of saying to ease the pressure of what I really wanted to weep about - "

let life unfold gracefully, turn every situation into something useful
we all suffer, we all need a focus

Hare Krishna
Hare Krishna
Hare Hare
Krishna Krishna
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